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I love creating beautiful and healthy hair for my guests. I want everyone to leave my chair feeling beautiful and like they just got to spend some time with their friends.

What My Clients are Saying

Katie M.

Brandy is a true stylist. If you are anything like me a lot of work goes into choosing your next cut and color. The greatest part about trusting Brandy with my hair is how she makes my style dreams my own reality. She is honest about what cut and color will work best, while still being respectful of my wishes. She has the power to build my confidence like few can. She is a gem and I can't imagine having a better experience with anyone else.

Sharon C.

Brandy Wilkes is the best cosmetologist I have been to in decades. I followed her to this location because she is talented, fairly priced, and always does what she says she will do. She offers professional recommendations and ensures I'm happy with the outcome.

Shelly M.

The best hair stylist I've ever had! Brandy is amazing and I have lived all over the US and been through a lot of stylists.

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